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0. Connecting selection option to the data in other worksheet

Can a field’s selection options be connected to that field from data in another worksheet?

Yes, it's possible. 
If you go to the "Edit field" screen, you can see "Add options from other worksheet" button. 
Using the button, you can make the link. 

After you add the link, you will see following line is added in "Selection options". 
[content://Worksheet name/field name]

When Forms Xpress see squared brackets [], it understands that there are some dynamic value inside.
It checked the given worksheet and field, and adds its content automatically.


Here we have four lines in "Selection options".
With this setting, you will have following selection values during entry creation. 
1. None
2. Happy
3. content of "Style" field in "My beer note" worksheet
4. content of "Barcode" field in "Office asset (photo)" worksheet