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1. Import from Google Drive - faq

What's the difference between entry data import and entry field import

When creating worksheet in Forms Xpress, users need to define the entry fields first in "Form. Entry fields" screen.

Then, add the entries in "Entry editor" screen.

entry field import is to define the entry fields of worksheet
entry data import is to import the entry data into the worksheet.

Give a example when you want to use entry field import 

Some of our users use very complex entry fields with lots of selection option. 
If you use entry field import, you don't have to type all those selection options.

I don't see entry data and entry field import option. How can I tell Forms Xpress this is data and this is field import?

The key difference is how you define the header row of spreadsheet.

Creating Google spreadsheet for entry data import is easy.
If you define the column header with field name and enter the data below. 
Forms Xpress can automatically convert into its database.
The first line is always entry fields (assumed "Text" input type) and the lines below are corresponding entry data.

For entry field import, Forms Xpress should know what is the column about. 
Therefore, we introduced some pre-defined column header title such as 

fxFieldName (required column)
Among this fxFieldName is very important. This is the key header Forms Xpress use to determine whether the import os entry data or entry fields. If Forms Xrepss doesn't find this field during import, it assumes the import is for entry data.   

Please see the difference in header line in following screenshots

* entry field import

* entry data import