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1. Import from Google drive - entry fields

The Google drive import feature can be used in two ways, (1) data entry import and (2) form fields import

If you want to import complex field definition with many selection options, please read following.
If you want to import data entries, please read 



Step 1) New spreadsheet

Go to "" and click on "Create new"

Step 2) Header

Unlike the data entry import, form field import requires to use the pre-defined column names in header.
Create header line in the first row with the titles of each column. Available column titles are as follows.

fxFieldName (required column)

Step 3) Rows

Enter the entries from the second row.




Each row will become one form field and Text in each columns are imported to corresponding fields.

When entering the data, please make sure about the following data format requirements.

1. Include the required fields, "fxFieldName".
Make sure you include the required column, "fxFieldName". If the required column is not provided, Forms Xpress will think this is data entry import. 

2. use the right field type name
Use one of following names for "fxFieldType'. 

Barcode (for Barcode scanner)
Image (for image attachment)
Photo (for photo capture)

If Forms Xpress see the value not on above list, it will replace it with the default field type, "Text".

3. Use line-feed for each selection options in "fxFieldSelection" column
If you want to add new line in a cell, use Alt+Enter.
It will open up new line and allow you enter next selection options.

Step 4) Save

Save the spreadsheet with "save" button. 

Before leaving the screen, please make sure which worksheet the data are saved in. The name of worksheet can be found at the bottom of the spreadsheet. 

Now, your job is done in Google Docs. Go to Forms Xpress and start the import.

Step 5) Import

Go to Google Spreadsheets import screen and press the "Sign in" button. 

Step 6) Sign in

Enter Google account email and Password and press "Sign in" button.

Then you will see the list of Spreadsheets in your account.

Step 7) Spreadsheets

Press the spreadsheet you just created. 

Now you can see the list of worksheets in the Spreadsheet. 

Step 8) Worksheets

Press the worksheet you saved your cards.

Then you will see the list of cards. 

Step 9) Import

Press the "Import All" Button.