Feature request

These features are the requested ones from many Form Xpress users.
If you have any, please feel free to write us to mSurfLab@gmail.com
We will be more than happy to include yours here.

1. While typing in a field with selection options, the nearest matches of the characters typed should be alone listed in the selection list so that it could be easier to select the required option
2. When editing a field(in the Screen for changing the Field name, position, default value, Selection options etc) , while setting the Default Value for a Field, there should be option to select the value from the selection options
3. When editing a field(in the Screen for changing the Field name, position, default value, Selection options etc) there should be option to set a field as editable or non editable
4. Field wise search option is required. Now the search option is common and it searches values in all the fields. Instead there should be option to search data in a particular field

For us importing is a crucial issue for the efficient work with your application. Unfortunately data types like "Date" and "Time" cannot be imported separately. Furthermore it is not possible to import the setting default value to Current time. 

I suggest you include a possible field entry from the device GPS, as the location where the input is done

How do I "unlink" worksheets from google drive?

In some instances it is very useful to have in a new entry, values as in the last entry. So if you could offer the possiblity to choose as a default value the last value that would be awesome!

I need to transfer the form to another android device is it possible

I  just downloaded the forms press app and its wonderful!  I Just wanted to know if there's a way for multiple people to access the spreadsheets? 

How I can import exported csv file and preserve pictures to be shown in the fields?

It would be a nice feature to search the database with a scanned barcode and the bar code's check digit did not affect the search results.

Is there a way to add two sums together from two differant fields and have the total in another field also can you link one field from one worksheet to another worksheet like in excell

I miss a function in the worksheet view. I look to sort the entries, so that the last entry stays on top.

Having trouble with sequencing records, reading in a csv file, the first 100 records are spread throughout the spreadsheet; seems to be sorting as characters rather than numbers, having to  input leading zeroes to fix problem.

1. Once data is entered into any field via barcode scanning it should take you to the next field and should auto trigger wtvr input method was chosen for that field
2. Auto email sending once an entry is completed
3. Connecting to an odbc database

Once the google doc has been imported, is there a way to re-sync data from the phone to google docs
is there a way to have "hidden" fields (meaning, I would like a "quick glance" snapshot of my inventory but would like to have extra info attached to the entry).

I just wanted to say that a "database-like" search feature would be nice, e.g. "search for items where (attribute_x > 5) & (attribute_y = true)" 

 I wanted to ask what you thought about adding the ability to make folders within the app? I have so many forms now and the list is getting long. It would be great to have the ability to make a folder so that i can group similar forms.

The only important feature missing for this app is an actual spreadsheet display whithin the app. Think of a excel like spreadsheet that has predefined column widths which can be scrolled left and right to view all data horizontally and scrolled up and down to view the list of entries.

it would be nice if I could just copy one inventory list to another without having to set up the same fields each time.

1.We need option to import data from excel into the app 
2.We are planning to use Form Xpress for Asset Tracking. Here for fields with selection options, we have lengthy option list 
e.g., for branch field more than 200 entries. In such a case , we need option to import those entries into a sub table. From the sub table e.g. Branch table , the branch entries are to populated for selection in the Asset Tracking Form in the branch field instead of creating the option list for those entries. 
3.While typing in a field with selection options, the nearest matches of the character typed should be alone listed in the selection list. 
4.While scanning or typing a data into a key field , the corresponding existing record of the data should be retrieved and shown and also could able to 
Modify and store it as new record.

Is there a way I could send items from one form to another by clicking on them?

1. i also would like to have the opportunity to copy a single record within the worksheet/database. If i create an address-db for example…
2. Every field in a form has it's own number… .when i add a new field within the form (between 4 and 5 for example) i have to change the number of every following item… it would be nice, when it changes automatically.
is it possible to add a field for a gps-position?
Also would it be helpfull to have the option to do a pagebreak for every dataentry when exporting to google docs writer.
Maybe the ability to select the seperatorsign for the csv-file would be a great option, so f.e. choosing a ; instead of a , .
When I create a long list of options it would be nice to have a field so that the user can type, that way, the option list will automatically go to the closes match of what the user is typing.
Like when in windows, you want to select a country on a website, and you type the first letter and the drop down menu goes to that letter.

Pdf attachments and not just image

Is there any way to add "seconds" to the time stamp when a qr code is scanned? For my use the seconds are are critical.

- The integration with Google Drive is fabulous.  Can this not be made to synch, so that changes on the phone, are updated to Google as well as from Google?  Even if the synch is still manually established, it would be beneficial to know that the Google and smartphone files were in synch.  Also, while data changes made in Google are synched to FormsExpress Pro, changes to presentation (like column order and name changes) are not.  

- Can a field’s selection options have the possibility of being connected to that field from data in another worksheet or a sub-table?  For creation and editing, the main menu could list sub-tables directly under their associated main worksheet- perhaps with a sub-table show/hide option for easier viewing.  If the user only has 2 or 3 options for a field, this isn’t really necessary, but when the options list becomes lengthy, this would really be useful.  Different fields may then call on the same long list of options, or changes to the option list sub-table could automatically update all of the similar entries in the worksheet.

- Can a column of data be extracted to a task list, or expense list?  For example: If a worksheet column is used to reflect “needed parts” data, an option to export all cells that have any value within that column to a task list, would create a complete list of needed parts.  That could be quite handy.  Better still, would be if the task list could carry information from another column as an identifier.  For example a book inventory worksheet: In this example the ‘Title’ column is the identifier, and the ‘On Loan’ column is the list data.

<Title>, <Author>, <On Loan?>, <Etc.>
Pride & Prejudice, Jane Austen, , Etc...
The Jungle, Upton Sinclair, Jane Doe, Etc...
The Hobbit, J.R.R.Tolkien, , Etc...

The user would simply establish the data column, and the identifier column.  The checklist created by the ‘On Loan’ data column, with the ‘Title’ identifier column, would be the title (The Jungle) and the name of who has the book (Jane Doe).  Then, as each item on the checklist is checked-off and completed by the user, the list data from the original worksheet is automatically updated- Perhaps, shown strikethrough, as “Jane Doe” in the field.  The same principles could be used to make expense reports.  If a worksheet column were used for a specific account, exporting that column’s data to an expense list would create an expense list for that specific account.  Similarly, the modifier information from another column would also be needed to do this usefully.

Is there an efficient way to look up previously stored data in forms xpress using an qr scan. I am linking an existing database TO the qr code through forms xpress, but haven't been able to search/lookup using the scan yet.

The thing I was wondering is if I want to loan a book can I show it being loaned to someone with link to contacts? 

Is it posdibble to send an email like you put it on the form with fotos now you only see csv.

I miss the possibility to sort inside a worksheet from a-z. At least it should be possible to sort the first field of a worksheet. 

my question now is, is it possible the pictures are defned in a form, show larger in the view or show in new windows by doubleclicking in larger or full size. the problem is, when i use product pictures, then i would also like to see all the details on the picture and picture in the forms are to small to more details.

I am working on a large scale project that your application will make possible.  I would need the Import spreadsheet option since data is gathered in csv or excel format than updated line by line in your form format.  It would also be nice to add to the Export the ability to update to an existing spreadsheet template. 

Why dont he upload a picture to a spreadsheed on google drive

Is there any way to save in the same document when we upload to google drive? Each time that upload create a new document.

it would be good to define the # lines in one of the fields which one can view - if there is a field which will take a lot of text I would prefer to have more of a window to view/edit this copy in?

is possible export to google docs to same sheet?can i export movements data, not just actual state?
any customization of exported sheets possible?

Have u ever considered an import option?  Import a spreadsheet to modify?

Do you think it is possible to add current gps coordinates also?

Want to see tutorial for very beginner. < Add "How to start" help.

Add blogger export

Import spreadsheet

Initialize value for certain entry fields